Web Development  

SUMMIT Web is primarily a WordPress shop; planning, design, development, launch, and post-launch are the key markers along the path to developing your web identity on the world’s most popular CMS. At Summit, we know all stages of web development must be executed correctly to maximize your results.

We are partners in this process and help guide and coordinate efforts through all of these integrated and integral steps. Some of the key markers on the pathway to success include:

  • Planning: analysis, site maps, copyrights and trademarks, servers, and hosting.
  • Design: creative direction, wireframes, design elements, mock-ups, and review.
  • Development: build, code, develop, and test features/interactivity, populate with content.
  • Launch: finalizing, polishing, transferring to live server, flipping the switch.
  • Post-launch: hand-off, documentation, source files, and final project close.
At Summit, we sweat the details, so you don’t have to!


At SUMMIT Web Adventures, we don’t just build great websites; we help generate traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help a website generate traffic on Google and beyond. If you want your website to be found, it must be high-ranking on the web’s major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All of the magic that makes a unique experience can attract visitors and generate results.

In addition to keywords, descriptions, and tags, we make sure that your site looks and performs excellent on mobile and as a shared link on social media.  Our websites deliver exceptional UX across all devise configurations. Specific, planned, paid search campaigns can generate targeted traffic to your website and expose a broader audience to the particular products and services they are in-market to purchase.

These campaigns:

  • Capture valuable search results.

  • Drive traffic to the website/store.

  • Augment email campaigns/seasonal marketing.

  • Fill in the gap of organic search results.

  • Generate leads for re-marketing and/or follow-up.

  • Are pay-per-click, with no long-term commitment, set your budget, and modify anytime.

  • Can be adjusted based on success/failure.

  • Target “long-tail” keywords based on intent/product/geography.

Creative Direction 

From selecting the shoot location to identifying the perfect talent that connects with your concept, Summit is part of every aspect of your photo or video project. 4k video and photography, drone footage, and custom editing are all skills of our professional media team. Whether on location along the coast of New England or refining the final details of your product in a studio, Summit frames the perfect environments for successful productions.


  • Research your current competition.

  • Build mood boards to define design direction concepts.

  • Draw concept refinements with our on-target design markups.

  • Finalize your project with feedback and produce a style guide detailing approved usage.

SUMMIT Web Adventures is your partner in every aspect of the detailed creative process.


Demand more out of your website. Beautiful is only one adjective to describe a site. Successful websites define, refine, and extend your brand and drive business. We partner with companies to devise a plan to generate more leads and more exposure through creative website design, intelligent marketing, and ongoing support.

From conception to launch, Summit partners with you in the development process, some steps of which include:

  • Evaluate your current website or plans for a web presence.

  • Thoroughly research the competition to get an overall market perspective.

  • Draft options for landing page and subsequent pages.

  • Revise based on your feedback and evolving requirements. 

  • Produce a brand-extending design for success.

Social Media 

Social Media is an essential tool not only to compete but to excel in business today. The Summit team has years of experience in marketing brands and companies across the industry spectrum. This experience enables us to track trends, navigate through industry and marketing changes, and shift perspective while continuously developing relevant plans to maintain a competitive advantage.

Our strategies are crafted so that every promotional opportunity is tailored to your brand’s unique identity. Creativity, craftsmanship in imagery, and word is our specialty. Your brand should never be confused with another. Your business is unique, and our social media strategies support, reinforce, and broadcast that. Our efforts on your behalf will:

  • Go beyond content creation and clickbait.

  • Encourage growth drivers to expand following and increase customer loyalty organically.

  • Help you make the best decisions for your company.

  • Propose backlinks for you to generate, increasing ranking.

  • Develop timely content to add to your site and disseminate it.

  • Optimize for mobile users, generating accelerated mobile pages to streamline presentation.